Monday, August 22, 2011

Featured on Dating Divas

Did you go check out the post like I told ya?  What's stoping ya! Check it today you may see someone a little familiar! Head on over and shower me with me! :)
And here is a little thought from the 5 Love Languages blog. That is one I HIGHLY recommend. visiting

Only You Know You
You cannot have an intimate marriage without communication, for  one simple reason: only you know you. The word intimacy comes from the  Latin word intimus meaning ‘inner’. Therefore, intimacy comes from  sharing the ‘inner person’ – your thoughts, feelings, and desires. You  are the only one who knows what is going on inside of you.
If you choose to share your ‘inner self’ and your spouse chooses to  listen, there can be understanding and empathy. If your spouse does the  same and you listen, the two of you will have an intimate relationship.  Talking and listening – it sounds so simple. Often the missing  ingredient is love – the desire to help each other rather than get our  own way.
This past week the hubbs of mine finally was able to join us. He came in on Friday night and promptly whisked me away on Saturday morning. We were kid-less without any care in the world. It was just a dreamy two days away form everyone and everything else and just together. Sometimes couples need that. Some time alone. It was perfect....
             even with the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night.

Friday, August 19, 2011


And this one is pretty big!

and there is more than this. 
Are you curious? interested? intrigued perhaps?
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big News and Happy 4 years to me and my Man

I am officially a guest blogger for the Dating Divas. I know, You may not be very excited but I am! You can head over there and check out a really good post today. No, sadly it is not my little brain child. But it is really good!

Today is my anniversary! And I am wishing I would ave done something like that for my love. We have been in different states for over a week and during that time we have celebrated my birthday and anniversary long-distance. Well, I know he has big plans for our anniversary. It has been 4 years after all.

I thought about putting us a gushy love note or something but decided not to. Instead I came up with 4 reasons why I love him.
1. He fit my "husband list" when I met him. Tall, tannable, done w/school, smart (he is a chemical engineer) 
2. He is pretty silly and indulges me in my own silly-ness. Example: Dressing up at Lupin and Tonks for a Summer Harry Potter Party and asking me why i didn't find hair for him to stick everywhere to be a better warewolf.
3. He is a really good daddy. Like, the very best ever. He comes home and plays w the toddler for hours on end. And we do make pretty cute babies
4. He does not complain if we have frozen pizza and left overs for dinner every day for a month. I obviously will not win best mother/wife of the year award. And we both are ok with that.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Subject heading

Tomorrow is my birthday.
Thursday is my anniversary.
My sweetheart and I will be apart for both events
Last night, however, I got this in my email:
Did you figure it out? Did you read the subject heading from the bottom going up? I know, cute huh :) 
(sorry, the first half of it was in the older pile)

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm here, I'm alive

I know. It HAS been a while. But when it is this hot, I can't sit still long enough to do anything. Texas, my friends, as of today, has OFFICIALLY marked the DRIEST YEAR on recorded history. Yep, we have been in a drought for a while and no matter how much I am praying for rain, it just ain't happening.

Hopefully this doesn't resemble YOUR LOVE LIFE. Here is my question:
-Do you leave love notes, give massages,... what!? Let's share our great ideas together.