Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May date link up! Hurry!!

Just wanted to make sure you head over to Shannonbrown and link up your date! I know, a date link up! Awesome huh? I haven't visited in a while and enjoyed stalking perusing her blog. She has some great ideas for quick date nights. Anyhow, enough talk. Go check it out

Friday, May 25, 2012

The way to a mans heart in through his stomach

This little gem cam about out of pure laziness. 
Laziness to go to the store for Pam
Laziness to wash my baking dish. 
Comically, this little delights are now a family Husband favorite!

Here is the super quick how to:
  1. Bake your favorite cookie dough in your cupcake pan (I used my silicone cupcake pan) just like you would on a cookie sheet. 
  2. Once the cookie is baked, get your favorite ice cream out of that freezer of yours and put a scoop into the cupcake hole (not sure what you call it) on top of the still piping hot cookie
  3. Pop those little beauties in the freezer. Once the ice cream is frozen (if you can wait that long) dislodge the entire deliciousness and eat. 
  4. Hubby will be kissing you all night when he takes a bite (or will give you massages in return for this cookie ice cream goodness)