Monday, July 25, 2011

not every day is peachy

I betcha had no idea that marriage was THIS hard before you took the leap. But I betcha had no idea how rewarding and happy it could be. I started a new part-time job. I really like it and for now it works well or me and my employer. ONE of the benefits is that I work close to my hubbs which allows for occasional lunch dates. And I am one girl that LOVES lunch dates. If I were single I would be on the Its Just Lunch bandwagon. And during the mid-day mentioned date, I found myself laughing really hard alongside my eternal companion. Just a few days earlier we had a little "tift". (which I am sure I am not the only one). And I tend to rate my marriage thermometer via how many "little tifts" we have. Which is SUCH like a girl because I asked the hubbs about this and he thought I was crazy. I mean, I know i am but c'mon! :)
I guess what this blabbering post is about is just how Marriage is really hard. And if when I make my list of priorities I have it on my top 2, then shouldn't I do everything I can to make it a happy one? (like make dinner and iron his work shirts and try to not make everyone late for church EVERY Sunday)

and since it wouldn't be post without a proper picture, THIS book really helped me to put it all in perspective. We women are truly so much more complex than men. Well, at least this woman (read: me) is. Thoughts?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And the winner

who said
 "We LOVE Setters of catan. Because I win a lot! :) I follow you! And I blogged about your little blog with your giveaway! "
Please contact me within 48 hours. 
Thank you everyone for entering. I know I have a few more giveaways. 
And be sure to send in any date ideas or things that have made your marriage easier. I love to feature you

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What language do you speak?

I speak gifts. Hubbs speaks quality time.
So here is my question, which one are you?
If you don't know what I am talking about about, I am referring to the 5 Love Languages. Otherwise known as the best thing ever invented. I cannot say enough about this book and the other ones in the series. (not sure if series is the right word but I'm going with it)
I am tellin' ya. Even if you have taken the assessment it but it has been a while, it merits taking it once more.
So go ahead, take it and come back and share what language you speak. And... you can even enter over here for an autographed book.

This is just one of the short posts I am receive each day. I am often jumping to conclusions... and leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Ever notice how we interpret things differently? A husband walks in and sees the sink filled with dirty dishes. He reads a note on the table: “Darling, I am attending a program at church. May be late. Love you.” He may say to himself “Lazy woman, she’s taking advantage of me – expecting me to wash the dishes.” And he walks out of the room.
Another husband might say, “She must have had a busy day. The least I can do is to wash the dishes.” And he rolls up his sleeves. The difference, is interpretation. Love ‘thinks the best’ and always looks for an opportunity to serve. The first husband was self-centered. The second was a lover. Lovers, always have better marriages.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ever played the Newly wed game? Well, lemme introduce you to the one and only CELESTIAL COMPANION GAME! (I can hear the crowd going wild!!)
I had bought this game to play at a Valentines Party I hosted. And, since I am on it, the party theme was Famous Couples. Maybe one day I will do that again. Anyhoo... Im a gettin' sidetracked. 
This game has great questions "what was the last major purchase over $100 that you made TOGETHER?" as well as some that you may not know the answer too like "favorite scripture?"
But I really like that it is super clean and it could be modified to play for a family night if you had a big enough family with enough older kids. So, do you want it? Because I want to give it away for free. Yeah, I'm just nice like that. And because YOU helped be be one of the top blogs! Thank you Thank you

1-leave a comment with YOUR FAVORITE GAME to play TOGETHER
2-Follow me (its on the side. If you already follow, just leave a comment telling me)
3-Blog about this little love blog and leave me the link.
so there you have it. 3 chances to enter. Now that is pretty awesome of me.
---please leave a separate comment for each entry. Giveaway ends on Saturday 7/23

Friday, July 15, 2011

reader submission: DIY Notebook Style Love

Remember sweet Sarah and her love story? Well... check out this great idea she is nice enough to share with us!

Just a thought for the day!

            From sharing my story, you must already know what a hopeless romantic I really am! If there was ever a person to be more wrapped up in the beauty of falling in love it is me for sure. I love the excitement and passion. I am a fairy tale person seeking a fairy tale life. So it should come to no surprise that one of my all time favorite movies is none other than the infamous Notebook.

I love the simplicity of it. A couple falls in love, all kinds of adversity in the middle, and then ends up together happily ever after right? Not quite, the wife suffers from dementia and can’t remember who she is, who he is, how they fell in love, or anything from their life together. How heartbreaking!!! He doesn’t quit on her though. He wrote a notebook, compiled the story of their love and he reads it to her daily hoping that she will come back to him.
            So me of course the fairy tale kind of person that I am, decided to make my own notebook with my prince charming. It is amazing how much of the sweet romantic little moments that you will forget as the years pass by. Steve and I have been married for four years and I treasure our notebook.

First pick out a notebook to use; make sure it’s not too girly or feminine or your significant other won’t be caught dead with it. You want to make sure it is good quality, because trust me you are going to use it A LOT!

Make memories together! Especially by following the date ideas that Makana posts, lol just thought I get a plug in there for her fierce blog!! 
Write it down before you forget! It is amazing how much of the little stuff you really don’t remember. Now when I say write it down, it’s important that both of you are doing the writing. It should include how you felt and all the little details that might not seem important at the time.
Read the memories! Sometimes we forget why or how we fell in love. If I’m having a bad day or we get into an argument, it is nice to be able to pull out our notebook and read our love story. I think everybody needs reminding of why they fell in love. What a great example the movie the Notebook has been to me!! 

Muah! 'Til next time!

Thank you Sarah! That is such a great idea! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just engaged

This was sent in and I just thought to myself "self... this rocks!" What a creative guy this one is. So now YOU can surprise YOUR guy with this.

Thank you Julia! And Congrats!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

reader submission: 12 month date basket idea

Yep... six, 6, months. That's all. Until Christmas that is. And actually, that sounds like a far way off. But I think we know all too well that it will creep up on us all I was sent this link though and thought... what a great idea! Thank you Bonnie for sending it. And now YOU get see how creative this is too!

This was created by the ever-talented and lovely Shannon Brown of Life in General
She created 12 months of dates... already pre-paid too! 
They are places or things that they have never done before. 
Seriously folks... this is SO creative! Go and check it out

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Date idea: The Circus is in town

Did you know that the circus is in town? Even if it is not, you can still have some fun! 
I went to World Market and got some Old Fashioned Candy and drinks (thank you coupon)
up close pict:
just to get into the right mood. 

Then I pulled up the web site and turned the volume up

up close pict:
that music really can get annoying but it is circus music afterall! 
Then I gave him our tickets that I got 50% off at Gold Star.
And off the enjoy the circus! 

Alternative: If you didn't want to go to the circus, you could always create your own once everyone is in bed. And if THAT statement alone makes you blush, then don't click here. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Golf Date

We have been wanting to go golfing again for a while and in Houston NOW is the perfect weather!

So we took the baby and headed out for a night at the driving range!
(if this is going to be just you and your lover you could use "FORE" more often and make this a little more catered to AFTER you are done plying golf. IE: FOREplay etc)

We headed over to Mulligans and really just had a great time taking aims on the driving range with our friends A&M. If you haven't been yet you should just print off that little invite and head on over. 
you can thank me later ladies :) tee hee

teaching the toddler to play

You could finish up the evening watching "The Greatest Game Ever Played" or the golf tournament right now and eating something like this.
Wouldn't that just be so yummy? You can read the how-to's over at Chickabug and get other great ideas from the Ladies over Howdoesshe

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sarah and Steve: How my man found me

Once upon a time in a land far far away from Houston,Texas, 1150.99 miles to be exact. A young damsel who was not yet a princess lived, in a time not so long ago.  She was living life to the fullest or so she thought when along came a prince who was far from sweeping her off her feet. You see this young prince was just fresh off his mission serving the Lord and his land full of people. Delicious meals and sweet treats added to the fullness of those cheeks. You see this prince had become a bit of a chunk. The not yet princess was unable to see how handsome was he inside and out; for she would soon be missing out on the desirable qualities of her prince to be. She seemed destined to a life full of loneliness and doom. Would this damsel ever find her prince to save her from despair?
Several months flew by and soon even a year, and only the Lord knew what he had in store for this soon to be princess. She had not even a hint of the life she was missing when she flew through the gym to go for a jog. But who was at the desk waiting to check her in, it was he himself, the ever so handsome young prince. She was in quite the hurry and didn’t recognize his charming face, for he had certainly lost all the weight. It had been but a year, he certainly knew this was his princess; of that he was sure. He wasted no time in inviting her to church. For a reason still unknown , she took his hand and off they went starting their life. He made her the person she was destined to be, for he is a king and she is his queen.

So that is the beginning of my happily ever after fairy tale style, here is what really happened;

My handsome guy and I first met through a mutual friend. A bunch of us went bowling together at a place called Georgetown bowl. It was in the midst of a busy time of life for me, I was working full time, taking 18 credit hours at school, and running on the college cross country team. Steve at the time was fresh off of his mission and took it as his initiative to try to convert and bring me back to church. I was living a crazy life and not interested in religion at all. He tried and tried, talked my ear off all night and eventually wound up getting my phone number. Over the next year he called several times inviting me out to church activities, but I always found excuses or just didn’t bother answering the phone.
A lot of time passed and eventually the calls ceased. It was hardly a coincidence that day, when I walked into the university gym to get back into shape and start running again. There he was working the front desk. I didn’t even recognize him. He had changed, lost weight, I think. He took my student ID card and studied the name. “Sarah Ellis that’s a nice name” was all that he said. Still not recognizing him, but thinking he looked familiar, I rushed off to complete that much needed run.
In retrieving that student identification card, Steve wasted no time. He quickly reminded me of who he was. He invited me to church and we’ve been going together ever since. How lucky I am that the Lord knew I wasn’t ready that year ago, he had a plan in place for us to meet up when I was better prepared to accept the life he had in store. I count my blessings everyday, for Steve gave me the gospel and saved my life. That is truly the beginning of my fairy tale.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Its Rodeo Time!

Although the Rodeo here has come and gone, in some parts of the country they are right in the middle of it!

I first saw this slogan plastered attractively to a brown fitted womens tee. "TEXAS IS FOR LOVERS". That tee was being worn by my friend S. And I knew I loved it. I mean, I know people that live in Texas have this absurd pride in their state. I am sure you have met them. They are the "texas-loving, flag-carrying, gun-owning" folks.

Apparently I am too. Because I love it here. I love the heat, humidity and the (drumroll please.....)

Houston RODEO! YEE HAW! I know. You are jealous. Its ok. You can come visit. And sleep on my couch.

Alrighty folks, hang in there, I DO have a point. Well, I think I have a point. Similar to how I feel about making dinner some days. If I rumage long enough I am sure to find something good.

Ok. Admit it. That was worth waiting for while I rummage around. 

The other thing is, like making dinner, sometimes things just do not go as planned. For instance: making taco's only to realize there is no cheese to be found. Taco's sans cheese=gross. 

For instance: Western Date Planned for Friday+sick-as-dog-toddler=NO DATE! (notice the gross picture)
Bummer for her. Bummer for me. Bummer all around. But I did put effort into this so now you get to benefit from my cheese-less taco's. I will just pretend we went and pretend that the taco's were yummy.

I stashed the wanted poster under his windshield in the morning so he saw it when we was headed to work. When he came home we made these matching bandanna's. The toddler helped. Then we headed to the Houston Rodeo! 

I had a made an all country only cd for the ride down. We had a great time seeing all the animals and watching the cowboys ride the bulls. We even showed off our country dancing skills acquired in Provo, UT! We loved the deep-fried Fat and the chocolate covered hot dogs. (well, I am sure it would have been fun). 

Disclaimer: I have been to the Rodeo each year we have lived in Houston and I love it. So, that is 2 for me, 0 for the hubbs. I am making him go with friends while I stay with the sick-as-a-dog-toddler. Me+sewing machine+mostly sleeping toddler=heaven!
 If you don't have a rodeo near by, you can have your own. Check out Love-Actually Wild Wild West post