Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sarah and Steve: How my man found me

Once upon a time in a land far far away from Houston,Texas, 1150.99 miles to be exact. A young damsel who was not yet a princess lived, in a time not so long ago.  She was living life to the fullest or so she thought when along came a prince who was far from sweeping her off her feet. You see this young prince was just fresh off his mission serving the Lord and his land full of people. Delicious meals and sweet treats added to the fullness of those cheeks. You see this prince had become a bit of a chunk. The not yet princess was unable to see how handsome was he inside and out; for she would soon be missing out on the desirable qualities of her prince to be. She seemed destined to a life full of loneliness and doom. Would this damsel ever find her prince to save her from despair?
Several months flew by and soon even a year, and only the Lord knew what he had in store for this soon to be princess. She had not even a hint of the life she was missing when she flew through the gym to go for a jog. But who was at the desk waiting to check her in, it was he himself, the ever so handsome young prince. She was in quite the hurry and didn’t recognize his charming face, for he had certainly lost all the weight. It had been but a year, he certainly knew this was his princess; of that he was sure. He wasted no time in inviting her to church. For a reason still unknown , she took his hand and off they went starting their life. He made her the person she was destined to be, for he is a king and she is his queen.

So that is the beginning of my happily ever after fairy tale style, here is what really happened;

My handsome guy and I first met through a mutual friend. A bunch of us went bowling together at a place called Georgetown bowl. It was in the midst of a busy time of life for me, I was working full time, taking 18 credit hours at school, and running on the college cross country team. Steve at the time was fresh off of his mission and took it as his initiative to try to convert and bring me back to church. I was living a crazy life and not interested in religion at all. He tried and tried, talked my ear off all night and eventually wound up getting my phone number. Over the next year he called several times inviting me out to church activities, but I always found excuses or just didn’t bother answering the phone.
A lot of time passed and eventually the calls ceased. It was hardly a coincidence that day, when I walked into the university gym to get back into shape and start running again. There he was working the front desk. I didn’t even recognize him. He had changed, lost weight, I think. He took my student ID card and studied the name. “Sarah Ellis that’s a nice name” was all that he said. Still not recognizing him, but thinking he looked familiar, I rushed off to complete that much needed run.
In retrieving that student identification card, Steve wasted no time. He quickly reminded me of who he was. He invited me to church and we’ve been going together ever since. How lucky I am that the Lord knew I wasn’t ready that year ago, he had a plan in place for us to meet up when I was better prepared to accept the life he had in store. I count my blessings everyday, for Steve gave me the gospel and saved my life. That is truly the beginning of my fairy tale.

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