Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Grace Unplugged

Okay folks... mark your calendars and plan on going to see GRACE Unplugged on Oct 4th!

I was sent the books GRACE unplugged and OWN IT to review a few weeks ago. Not only are they fantastically uplifting BUT... they are also endearing and I found myself getting caught up in Gracie's life and rooting for her to find herself. I mean, what girl hasn't gone through a searching time life?? I went through more than one actually and while so very difficult, those were the times that changed me.

Grace Trey is a delightful character who, unbeknownst to her rock-star-turned-to-Jesus Dad, sends her music to his former agent and finds herself in LA as an aspiring singer. As you can imagine, she is faced with various trials and choices with  boys, her dream, and her faith.

Below is an excerpt taken from a press press release: " “Do you own your faith? Do you rent it? Or do you borrow it from your friends or family?” asks Russ Rice, one of the film’s producers and a consultant on the books. “Those are the questions Grace has to answer, and I hope the movie’s audience and the books’ readers answer them, too.”

With a little over a month until the movie release, YOU can score your own book to read before you see the film. The book will be released on Sept 1st and the movie on Oct 4th.

Click here for the GRACE unplugged website and trailer... and don't forget to to download the free song! Giveaway ends Aug 31 so hurry!!

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  1. Those are serious questions. Since our faith is ours, acting as owners gives us all of the benefits doesn't it ;-)


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