Thursday, June 30, 2011

Australian date

Come on in! Have a seat! Can I get you some lemonade? How about some TIM TAMS? Or Milo? Or whatever else you drink in the land down undah' 'cause  I know you want to go there. Or go back. And here is your chance. You are welcome.

It started with this little invite the night before. Don't fret my friends. I made it cute with leftover scrap paper
How are we traveling in style to Australia (well our TX version)
in my car. But did you catch that I AM DRIVING. Its kinda a big deal bc boys generally drive in my relationship. 
Our first stop was the zoo. Since down undah' there are loads of animals I thought we would go on a scavenger hunt for all sorts of animals. I found animals from Australia that would also be at our zoo. I laminated the paper and each person had a dry erase marker to check off what animals they saw. 
(If you wanted this to be really cheap you could find animals at the library or bookstore)
{and here is where I 'ess-plain that I have managed to loose the scavenger chart in just 4 days so you will have to use your imagine chit-lins. Losing things, well, that happens quite a lot around me. Marbles???? }
yes, the monkey is in fact mooning me

two little cave men

Momma giraffe and new baby giraffe. 
And this is what inspired the date.... a high school fundraiser. 
Im sorta a big sucker for kids selling things. 
We had never been to Outback before as a couple so it was a FIRST! 
I heart firsts. 
And since this was to the zoo it was really kid-friendly so we brought along our favorite kid. 
(yours truly is on the right. The other right. The one WITHOUT heart-shaped glasses)

But we were not quite done so after stuffing ourselves like true Australians 
(I have no research to base that on btw)

We played a game that I KNOW is played in Australian because it involves Tim Tams and one of
my best friends is Australian and she told me about it so it must be true... 
(that was a really long sentence to say in one breath)
You have to eat as many as possible without using your hands. 
for the record... its hard. So back off!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Collage date

But this isn't your ordinary photo college! Thank you Erica for this super-smart idea. 
Isn't nice having creative people in your life?!

This date requires just 2 things. A camera for each person/couple and a word. 
Go around looking at all the things around you and try to see what letter you can make. 
like this:

can you tell which letters they are yet? Each row in one letter compiled from nature or around the park
Can you find all the letter to make your name? 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Butterfly Date

Hiya folks. 
I am curious as to what you like to do for your dates. 
that is called a Corpse Flower. 
Know why? Well doya?
It stinks like a rotten body... a corpse. Hence the lovely name. 
That is what I did for a date in Jan. 
We went and saw (smelled) a flower that made me want to throwup. 
 They only bloom once in a bazillion years or something like that. 
So you probably won't get to do that BUT you can go to the Butterfly Center in Houston
That was where good 'ole Lois was during her life. (Lois=stinky flower)
And today and tomorrow you can got for half price but you have to buy it through here
............which brings me to my next point.................
Ever wonder how some people ALWAYS go out and do cool things?
Sorry to tell ya' but we are one of those people. 
And we can because we are SO RICH! I mean, you are reading a blog from a Bazillionaire. 
(can you hear the sarcasm)
Actually, we are a one income-family. 
But we do keep a good pulse on the deals you can get from places such as 
And don't tell anyone but even when we know we are going to be on vacation somewhere we check out the deals to that city as well. I know, we are cheap. I mean extra smart. Yeah, I like that WAY better!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

meet my man: Kristen and Glenn

Glenn and I grew up within two miles of each other, went to the same high school, and both were extremely social... but somehow we seem to have had only one mutual friend.  A fact that served us well.  

After graduating from Brigham Young University, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was destined to be single. As a university graduate, I was sure there was no way I could have interest in any boys going to a 'community college'- and elementary teaching didn't lend itself to meeting many guys.  About this time, I was dating a friend from high school and on occasion would end up hanging out with another friend of his... Glenn Harmon.  I knew Glenn by face- he was 10th, 11th, and Senior class president in high school... but we really hadn't ever talked with each other before this.  Problem was, I was catching the Glenn bug.  Gasp- a community college guy...

Realizing he deserved more from someone's heart than I was giving, I stopped dating the mutual friend.  Problem was I still wanted to see Glenn.  What's a girl to do... throw a few parties and hope to get him back around the house!  It worked and by Christmas, Glenn and I had made plans to go serve at the local Boy's Ranch since some of the boys didn't get to go home for the day.  I had the vibe Glenn still only saw me as a friend and I was surrounded by girls who called me excited to be going on dates with Glenn- even when he would postpone them for three months later when he had an opening in his schedule.  You could say he was a bit of a work-aholic.  Still, I loved being around him, so I took the friendship deal.

Must be the magic of the holidays, but when we went to that Boy's Ranch- Glenn suddenly realized I was girl!  And what's more- he liked that!  We spent most of the day together drinking hot chocolate, watching old claymation classics, and building a large snow sea serpent in my front yard until 2 am.  On the way out, our mutual friend asked Glenn if he was digging me (I wasn't the only one who had noticed the new attitude!).  Glenn nodded and I think panic ensued for our mutual friend who had hoped I'd come around on the idea of us dating.  

I figured I'd have to wait a few weeks to see Glenn emerge from his work again, so I was surprised when the next morning my phone rang.  Mmm, Glenn.  He'd lost his cell phone the night before.  Shrill ringing from the snow in the front yard confirmed it.  Heaven must  have  been on my side, because when he came to pick it up on his way to work, his car got stuck in the snow and he was left all to me for the day!  I remember watching Lord of the Rings as we laid down on the TV room floor and being so excited when our feet touched!  I was in heaven. 

When our mutual friend called me to say hello and learned Glenn was snowed in at my place, it wasn't 30 minutes before he was over with a shovel to try to dig Glenn's car out and get him on the road (and out of my house!) again.  I laugh every time I remember his face.  He was not going to lose this battle sitting down!  

Glenn and I made the transition from friends into daters over the next couple of weeks.  This fact was a little awkward considering he was living with our mutual friend and another guy I was dating at the time.  With a little work we all settled into the idea. And I loved that I got to drive over to see him at his place on Orion Drive, since I had chosen the constellation Orion as my back-up boyfriend in college (he was said to be the most handsome of hunters).  Glenn also unknowingly chose the Orion cut for his wedding band.  How apropos. 

By Valentine's Day Glenn had said he loved me and I thought we were on the fast track for a proposal. But... the following week he was completely different and I knew it.  We had a talk, I told him I wanted him to be where he really wanted to be- even if that wasn't with me, and sent him off on a business trip with ring I wore around my neck that I had promised myself I'd give to the person I knew I wanted to be with.  We prayed together and cried together and off he went.  The next morning I went out to my car to find two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together on the driver side window.   Glenn had always said that "We just fit" and it was his way of telling me we were staying together.  When he returned from his business trip, all his feelings had returned even stronger.

We happily spent every day together and hated saying goodbye more and more.  As we got closer to being engaged, I began to wonder if I was really ready to leave the fun of the dating world for good.  Sensing a change in me, Glenn went out with his friends to skim board in the Virgin river (shallow, red, muddy, muddy water).  He was horrified when he looked down and saw he had lost the ring I gave him.  I really would have taken it for a sign that we weren't meant to be together since it correlated with my resignations about eternal commitment.  Glenn and his friends looked and prayed and looked and prayed for about 2 1/2 hrs.  Nothing.   About to leave, they decided to pray one more time and as they finished- they looked down and saw the ring sitting there in the mud- a real deal saver!   

On Easter Glenn proposed, and June 17th we were married in the Salt Lake Temple- in love and happy to start this adventure together. Seven years later we have three children, got Glenn through college, and live in LA where Glenn is a professional artist.  To my surprise he has been an even more wonderful father and husband than I could have ever dreamed of or asked for.  I definitely feel like I've won the lottery! Here's to the next 77 years....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Got a lover of Cookies and Cream?

If your lover LOVES cookies and cream... get those hands up way high! Yep, lemme see 'em. Oh dear. That is quite a lot of you. Lucky for you, you have me!
Make these. Eat the pan together and call me in the morning. I bet you will be a happy wife tonight!
Check out the recipe here

Date idea: New York in your town

I surprised McKay today with a trip to NEW YORK! You can make your own here. I got the idea months ago from Cher here. Things have been a little stress-full 'round these parts lately so I knew it was time for a vacation... well at least for a a few hours.

I gave him our tickets to New York and off we went! Oh yeah, first gotta put in the red lipstick. LOVE IT!

First to the New York Pizzeria. This was a kids size slice! Wanna see the large we shared? Doya doya doya?

What would a day in NY be without a little shopping? So we picked up some strawberry oil and lemon vinegar. Don't judge. It it De-lish! As you can see there are about a bazillion flavors... well close to a bazillion anyhow. :)

Then off to the indoor central park! If you didn't know, when it gets windy and below 70* in these parts that means we stay inside. Don't you dare judge! We can handle the heat here, yes sir-ree. And I know that most of you can not. So you leave me to my indoor park at 70* alone. Thank you. (can you tell I am touchy)

And let's face it, what kind of New Yorker-wanna be's would we be without a stop across the bridge at the famous Brooklyn Ice cream Factory! Ok, it Orange Leaf but lets not get picky here folks. Like the NY shirt the hubbs made sure he wore?

Well we had a great time and after we were so tired. I have no idea how you New Yorkers do it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordle yourself

Wordle: husband
And that is a really awful copy of a subway print I made from Wordle
And here is another one
Wordle: wedding
I know. It is little. Just get a magnifying glass and you will have no problem. 
Now it is your turn. Head on over and wordle yourself. Its fast and free and painless. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My love next door. Casidy and Daniel Love Story

This story really is one of out a book! They were next door neighbors, now they are eternal roommates! :) Thank you Cassidy for your submission
It all began when he moved in next door. 
I had been looking for the man of my dreams without any luck and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find such a man. Daniel and his family moved in while I was in Ukraine and my mother after meeting him for the first time immediately proceeded to tell me that she had found my husband. I, like most other girls when their moms get involved, brushed off the news as if it were nothing. I returned home from Ukraine and met him for the first time. One look is all it took, I was hooked, but I wasn't about to admit that to anyone being the independent girl that I am. After a few dates with him I knew that something was different about this one. He wasn't the same as all the other guys, he was unique but in very good way. He was a gentleman, compassionate, the most serviceable man I've met, handsome, charming, kind, caring, and a strong member of the church. 
Our very first date was like we had known each other for years. I found myself liking him more and more as time went on, but my inability to admit that made me hold back the strong feelings I had for him. Although he had every quality and more I wanted in a man, I wasn't ready and even afraid of committment. Then one day he said, "Cassidy, we need to date other people." 
This phrase hit me with such force that I didn't believe what was happening. I didn't think he was serious, but after a few days I really realized that he had broken up with me. This was the hardest thing that ever happened to me. I hated not seeing him or talking to him. I missed him so much and as a few weeks went by and I realized more and more everyday how much I really loved him. After what seemed like an eternity he called and asked if he could see me. We went out and it was as if not a moment had passed. It was different now, it was as if we had been together all along and we both knew that we shared a strong love for one another. I was the happiest girl in the world that night. The more we allowed ourselves to embrace the fact that we had finally found the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, the more each and every second meant to us.
 We spent each moment together wishing it would never end, and each second apart wishing we could be together. Falling in love with the guy next door only happens in fairytales and I got to live in one. All of the talking and flirting over the fence paid off. I looked all over the world to find love right next door.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annual Anniverary

Want to know what makes a good blog post title? Repetition. Yep, say the SAME thing twice just use different words. Go ahead try it. But before you dash of to your Double Twice Title, read this. 

And I have to say I am loving the submissions ladies. Keep 'em coming. 

Kristen sent me these ideas for the annual anniversary. Gotta say, I am LOVING the wedding dress idea!

Fun Anniversary ideas:
*Writing on the mirror- you can do it with any white board marker and it easily wipes off!

*Finding a favorite movie theme.  We love Pixar's  "UP!", so one year I themed our anniversary around it. (Glenn is an artist and works on children's animated movies…)   I bought the supplies for camping and set up camp in our back yard.  Inside the tent I placed an "Our Adventure Book" that I had made, similar to the one in the movie.    It was a hit!

*Surprise drop-offs.  Glenn has had neighbors deliver his surprises throughout the day while he is at work.  The one pictured here with the balloons was from last year (our 6th, the candy Anniversary).

All through the day I received puzzles and word jumbles and emails to give me clues as to where we were going that night.  It turned out to be a swanky place on an old cruise liner-- Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary.  LOTS of fun.

*Experiences together.  This year we are hoping to get out to do some sea kayaking together for a couple of hours.  Other fun experiences from years past: renting a car and cruising around town meeting up with friends;  going to a hotel for a night (we picked one that was cheap and later learned it was famous as a 'haunted hotel'.  We didn't know that until afterwards, but both had an eerie feeling the whole time we were there!); a date at the local pier riding the roller coasters and ferris wheels (prepare to feel like an adult when surrounded by a lot of teens still 'finding themselves'!);  going out for just dessert at a super fancy places- all the fun at a much reduced price!

*Each anniversary I like to throw on my wedding dress and take a picture with Glenn and the kids.  I figure it is a fun way to mark the passing of time (and keep me accountable for my waistline!). 

* Memory Books: We have found we like the quality and pricing from  They now even have a feature to make your blog into a book:  We try yearly to take our journal and blog entries and add our best photos to remember our happenings that year.  We call it our "Marriage Insurance" because on the hard days we can whip them out and remember the big picture and all the happy times that extend beyond the immediate stress.

*Treat messages.  This year I tried a giant cookie with a banner in it to start off the day... I think we all liked that one!

Such great ideas Kristen! Thank you for sharing with us. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Redeemable kisses by Love Actually

My first dating blog I ever laid eyes on. Love Actually. 
And she is today winning feature
Head on over there to see the rest of this post
Seriously, you will love it and it is so easy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Printables: Kiki Creates

Ok ladies. I know it can get hum-drum. 
Life. Wife. Mom. 
all of it. 
that just really is not an excuse for not doing a good job at being married. 
Good thing Kiki is here to save you
and make you look like the best wife ever. 
I bet you could get a cruise out the hubbs if you work it right :)
blog button final
ONE of the MANY MANY things Kiki from Kiki Creates has in her shop 
(click on link above)
is this. 
don't know what it is? 
Well click here and find out. 

and then come back and thank me. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Printables: I Love Us

Eighteen25. I love them! And they came up with this 11x16 print just for you and for free to boot!
this one is my favorite since I re-made my couch pillows and they are now aqua. 
Oh this is gonna look so good! There are more colors. Check it out here

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jarod and Brianne: How I met my Man

Did you know today is also their Anniversary!! Congratulations. And love the story

I believe that our love story was truly meant to be...we just took a "blessed broken road" to find each other. Our paths were sure to meet in Las Vegas as our parents lived only a few blocks from each other. Unfortunately, the commotion from the upstairs neighbors (which worked a popular, yet controversial "job") scared my mother away. So although we would have grown up in the same "hood" we traveled down different roads.

Our first chance to reunite presented itself during a tournament hosted by Jarod's high school in Las Vegas. I have a picture of me standing beneath his school fight song. I have always told Jarod that it would have been "love at first sight for me" if we had gone to the same high school together. He was tall, dark, and yes...very handsome. Not to mention a straight A student, 3 sport athlete (basketball, volleyball, and tennis),a student government officer, and played in a band...

Our second chance to reunite was set in New York City. He was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ  of Latter Day Saints, and I was a nanny. ("Fanny" the nanny) Although I am not sure we were ever in the same place at the same time...we were both learning and becoming who we would be seeking for in a spouse. I was on my own for the first time in my life, living in a state that I nor my family had ever been. I was preparing to transfer from being a collegiate athlete at Westminster College to being a lost soul in the large crowd at BYU. And, I was discovering that I truly had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jarod was proselytizing in the subways, on street corners, in homes, and in letters to family. He learned to love the Spanish language, and the people of Queens, NY.

Sooooo... our third chance to reunite was at good old' BYU. We played intramurals in the same places, had mutual friends, and graduated the same year, but never met each other. I graduated with a BS in physical education and became leery at the thought of a "love story" ever coming true. Jarod graduated with a BA in political science and set his sights on attending a top 10 law school after a year off. And wouldn't  you know that both of us ended up back where it should have started...Las Vegas.

We met at an "after" party (thanks to his friend.) He was shy, which I may or may not have taken to be a little offended by. I flirted and had my fun, but wasn't sure we would ever see each other again. Although my initial idea was to pursue something with his friend, I quickly realized he was what I wanted..what I had been looking for..and what I would be beyond lucky to have. Two things sealed the deal for me. 1. After an embarrassing night of 5 truths with my roommates and his friends I retreated to my bedroom to hide my face. He came into my room on his way out and told me not to worry about what was said, and that he thought I was pretty awesome. (or something like that..blast my memory) 2. I saw him play volleyball and I was sold. If He were to tell the story, he would say that his "moment" was hearing me sing in church. I left to Texas to spend Christmas break (almost 3 weeks) with my family. We talked on the phone every day for at least 4 hours a day. When I came back, we were officially dating.

We met December 4th..we were engaged by February 5th (he proposed by riding up on a white horse)..and were married for time and all eternity June 16th, 2005. Excuse the long and detailed story, but tomorrow is our anniversary and it has given me the chance to fall in love all over again.

Although I do creative gifts for Jarod, our dates are pretty standard...but what we/I do on a daily basis is the "What do you LOVE about me today..." It helps both of us to be mindful of all the we do for each other and our family. So to make it a game you could simply spend the week taking pictures of what you loved that week about your spouse such as:

I love you today because you entertained my need for family pictures...

I love you today because you have some seriously Hoooootttt calf muscles!! 

I love you because you do stuff like this...

I love you today because you made it possible for me to be pampered so I could look like this...and because you look AMAZING like THAT!

I love you today because you work so hard to make it possible for me to see something like this every day!

I love you today because you and I share a love for sports!

Before or throughout your date you could find places to hide each picture for them to find...
Cheesy, yes...but I believe very meaningful!