Sunday, September 23, 2012

I saw this on lifedesigncraft and just thought I was darling. 
And while this was created for her husband, it really is a versatile idea. 
My mom recently went back to school. I am thinking she would love to get this in a package!

And then I kept on scrollin and found this little gem
While I am not sure hubbs would actually eat this, I do know that he would laugh about it. 
We like silly play on words so this fits the bill! 
head on over and check it out and don't forget to leave her some comment love! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time out! Its back to school

Hubby recently went back to school. He is in an MBA program and one thing I was warned and prepared for is the amount of time that Hubbs spends away from school. It doesn't bother me too much to be honest. But I know that even though this decision is a good one ( and the right one for our family), it can take it toll. He often feels that he is missing out. 

I don't know about you but I really wanted to help him feel loved and appreciated throughout this new experience for all of us. I am sure it is a bit stressful going from working full time and making a pretty good income to going to school full time and making a $0 income. There are so many factors and reasons to be worried about the future. However, as his helpmeet/partner/wife/best friend/cheerleader, I need to be there to SUPPORT him. I want him to know that even if he has a bad day or a bad interview or just is plain burnt out, that he has a fan club at home. A place of refuge. That I am on his side 110%. 

With all that said, I wanted to put together a short list (oh boy, there are the lists again) of things I can print out and give to him to say "I am here for you. I am rooting for you." 

Super Hero Dad by Kiki Comin  (her stuff is AWESOME! Lots of freebies and her etsy shop rocks!!)
Originally created for Fathers Day. But I am going to use it for just a "normal day" and stick it in his backpack. because he is a super hero every day and I know it will put a big smile on his face. 

Made to order lunch bags by Mooreminutes. I try to make his lunch everyday. Wouldn't this be a fun way to have him fill out what he wants. It sure beats me interrupting him to ask.

Naptimejournal. Fill these left over bottles with his favorite treat. The labels rock too! You can give him one a day/week/month... so versatile. 

 We LOVE these shower notes by HowDoesShe in our house! And while this post is geared to your spouse, you can share the love by writing notes to your kids. Good luck on the test, you are loved etc. Why not help everyone feel extra loved. When you have a full love tank, nothing gets you down! 

From Love, Actually. Amazing Dating site. Lots of easy and steamy ideas. (wink wink). I did this one year and he loved it. Since then I have made the book and given to friends of mine as bridal shower gifts. Lemme tell ya... this makes hubby SO HAPPY!!!

Use instagram? Or just text messages? Send him photos of ou and the kiddos so he knows what is going on and feels included. Check out RebeccaCoopers photo checklists

I know it says fathers Day but that just means Extra Special idea for dad. And he doesn't even have to be a dad to get this jar of kisses made by smysisterssuitcase from you. 

I just think this is funny and I KNOW hubbs will laugh right out loud. Its good for the soul to laugh

this deck of love is such a fab idea! you can get all your supplies at the Dollar store and make it on one afternoon. Get the kids on on the action as well. Tuck it away in his backpack during finals or when he is having an extra busy week to show him you love and appreciate him. 

Kikicreates again. I can't help it. She sorta gets it. These Love Notes are perfect!!

 I saw this box a tic-tacs at the store one day. I bought 4. Since they were his alma maters colors, it has been fun to leave them every time a new sports season starts. And then he has very minty breath which makes for great kissing! 

Wouldn't you love to have these in your lunch? Banana Love Notes. You could even get a little scandalous in your message and get that hubby of your home quicker! 

head on over to Living Locurto for this great anytime thankful candy bar  printable 
And finally... bYu cupcakes. Make a batch for his study group. Makes you the awesome wife and makes your hubby happy to married to you as well. Its a win-win. 

**extra idea: Stop by at lunch or during a break and take some funny/cute pictures.  then use this free $40 from paper coterie to make a book of you! 

***please link up anything that you find that fits in**

Friday, September 14, 2012

10 easy ways to stay in love or keep that spark or... well, you get what I mean

Lists. We women tend to be list-driven. Well, at least this woman tends to be list driven. Did you know that in the much too soon future my children will be all grown up and off to collage? At that point, I hope to be back at college myself for another degree. This time in Marriage Therapy. And I will have 20 years experience under my belt. It would help if those 20 years are great ones. I mean, really folks, who would want to pay to get advice from a therapist who had 20 crappy years of experience?

We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. And by celebrated I mean we moved half-way across the country then promptly got sick. And because I had enough foresight to prepare something in advance, (kidding here) We actually did nothing and that is due to my failure. It was my year to plan. Boo on me.  So with some actual crappy experiences to mix in with the really fantastic ones, here are just a few things that I have really learned. (disclosure since hubby does read this blog: I do not do half of these as often as I should. One of my three resolutions for 2013 is to be way way way better at this)

1. Hold hands in the car, walking, on the couch...
     For me touch is a big one. And this one makes me feel important
2. Leave notes
     Hubby rocks at this. He will always leave me little notes that I come across through out the day. It makes for a sweeter reunion at the end of the day
3. TEXT a lot. And by text I mean flirt text. Not "don't forget the milk" text
    Remember how exciting it was to get those texts while dating? Don't let that spark die!
4. Get away once a year for at least a night WITHOUT KIDS!!
    I cannot stress this enough. Even if you just drop them off at the neighbors and you stay home, it is so vital to have some absolute alone time as a couple. We have been lucky enough to do this up tp a week at a time and it makes me remember my husband as my boyfriend, rather than the to-do list guy
5. Take a nap naked. It will lead to good things
  This goes along with making sure you are intimate with one another often. Don't feel like it, well just strip down and take a nap. Or jump in the shower in the morning while the kiddos are sleeping still
6. Write it down if it bugs you. If it still bothers you after 24 hours, then you can address it. Nicely.
  A soft answer turneth away wrath. SO TRUE! Don't be naggy. If it really matters, then it will matter still in 24hours. If not, then is it really worth bringing up?
7. Laugh Laugh Laugh!
   I read somewhere that kids laugh 400 times a day. Adults 15. That was shocking! Since then I try to laugh as much as possible. It makes me feel happier and when mamma is happy... everyone else is too!
8. Send a letter or postcard when you are gone to him.
   I have every hand written letter my man wrote me. I still read them. And one day I want my daughters to read them and wait for someone as good as their dad
9. Make him steak.
    Or whatever his favorite meal is. Learn to make it and don't make it only for special occasions. Every day you get to spend together is special. He works hard to keep a roof over the families head so its nothing to whip up a nice man meal for him
10. Let your kids see you have fun together! Make it a point.
   Hubby is great at dancing and being spontaneous. I tend to drag my feet. But life is so much better when I grab him for a kiss or the tickle monster comes out or we all play hide and seek. Its all about happy endorphin's. They will cut down on the stress and frustration and soon "roses will be bloomin' beneath your feet!"

***bonus 11: SAY YES! Try it. Try for a whole day (on a Saturday or Sunday) to say yes to everything your spouse says. Want to ride bikes? Want to go to the library? Want to workout together? YES YES YES!

Did I miss any? What do you do in your marriage to keep things hot?

(**I know this list really could be 100 things to stay in love plus 100 more. But i can't manage 100. I probably can't even manage 10. But here is to trying and happy couples! )

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saving your marriage

This my friends, is worth watching. 
It is worth remembering
It is worth living 
And it is very much worth sharing