Monday, June 27, 2011

Butterfly Date

Hiya folks. 
I am curious as to what you like to do for your dates. 
that is called a Corpse Flower. 
Know why? Well doya?
It stinks like a rotten body... a corpse. Hence the lovely name. 
That is what I did for a date in Jan. 
We went and saw (smelled) a flower that made me want to throwup. 
 They only bloom once in a bazillion years or something like that. 
So you probably won't get to do that BUT you can go to the Butterfly Center in Houston
That was where good 'ole Lois was during her life. (Lois=stinky flower)
And today and tomorrow you can got for half price but you have to buy it through here
............which brings me to my next point.................
Ever wonder how some people ALWAYS go out and do cool things?
Sorry to tell ya' but we are one of those people. 
And we can because we are SO RICH! I mean, you are reading a blog from a Bazillionaire. 
(can you hear the sarcasm)
Actually, we are a one income-family. 
But we do keep a good pulse on the deals you can get from places such as 
And don't tell anyone but even when we know we are going to be on vacation somewhere we check out the deals to that city as well. I know, we are cheap. I mean extra smart. Yeah, I like that WAY better!

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  1. yea you guys are pretty smart- I know i'm jealous of your cool things you guys get to do!


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