Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jarod and Brianne: How I met my Man

Did you know today is also their Anniversary!! Congratulations. And love the story

I believe that our love story was truly meant to be...we just took a "blessed broken road" to find each other. Our paths were sure to meet in Las Vegas as our parents lived only a few blocks from each other. Unfortunately, the commotion from the upstairs neighbors (which worked a popular, yet controversial "job") scared my mother away. So although we would have grown up in the same "hood" we traveled down different roads.

Our first chance to reunite presented itself during a tournament hosted by Jarod's high school in Las Vegas. I have a picture of me standing beneath his school fight song. I have always told Jarod that it would have been "love at first sight for me" if we had gone to the same high school together. He was tall, dark, and yes...very handsome. Not to mention a straight A student, 3 sport athlete (basketball, volleyball, and tennis),a student government officer, and played in a band...

Our second chance to reunite was set in New York City. He was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ  of Latter Day Saints, and I was a nanny. ("Fanny" the nanny) Although I am not sure we were ever in the same place at the same time...we were both learning and becoming who we would be seeking for in a spouse. I was on my own for the first time in my life, living in a state that I nor my family had ever been. I was preparing to transfer from being a collegiate athlete at Westminster College to being a lost soul in the large crowd at BYU. And, I was discovering that I truly had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jarod was proselytizing in the subways, on street corners, in homes, and in letters to family. He learned to love the Spanish language, and the people of Queens, NY.

Sooooo... our third chance to reunite was at good old' BYU. We played intramurals in the same places, had mutual friends, and graduated the same year, but never met each other. I graduated with a BS in physical education and became leery at the thought of a "love story" ever coming true. Jarod graduated with a BA in political science and set his sights on attending a top 10 law school after a year off. And wouldn't  you know that both of us ended up back where it should have started...Las Vegas.

We met at an "after" party (thanks to his friend.) He was shy, which I may or may not have taken to be a little offended by. I flirted and had my fun, but wasn't sure we would ever see each other again. Although my initial idea was to pursue something with his friend, I quickly realized he was what I wanted..what I had been looking for..and what I would be beyond lucky to have. Two things sealed the deal for me. 1. After an embarrassing night of 5 truths with my roommates and his friends I retreated to my bedroom to hide my face. He came into my room on his way out and told me not to worry about what was said, and that he thought I was pretty awesome. (or something like that..blast my memory) 2. I saw him play volleyball and I was sold. If He were to tell the story, he would say that his "moment" was hearing me sing in church. I left to Texas to spend Christmas break (almost 3 weeks) with my family. We talked on the phone every day for at least 4 hours a day. When I came back, we were officially dating.

We met December 4th..we were engaged by February 5th (he proposed by riding up on a white horse)..and were married for time and all eternity June 16th, 2005. Excuse the long and detailed story, but tomorrow is our anniversary and it has given me the chance to fall in love all over again.

Although I do creative gifts for Jarod, our dates are pretty standard...but what we/I do on a daily basis is the "What do you LOVE about me today..." It helps both of us to be mindful of all the we do for each other and our family. So to make it a game you could simply spend the week taking pictures of what you loved that week about your spouse such as:

I love you today because you entertained my need for family pictures...

I love you today because you have some seriously Hoooootttt calf muscles!! 

I love you because you do stuff like this...

I love you today because you made it possible for me to be pampered so I could look like this...and because you look AMAZING like THAT!

I love you today because you work so hard to make it possible for me to see something like this every day!

I love you today because you and I share a love for sports!

Before or throughout your date you could find places to hide each picture for them to find...
Cheesy, yes...but I believe very meaningful!


  1. What a great idea! I like the picture for each day idea. Very creative

  2. Happy Anniversary Brianne and Jarod! I LOVED reading the story of how you met, and I loved the ideas!

  3. Cute! Yes happy aniversary and those are some great ideas thanks!


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