Sunday, July 10, 2011

reader submission: 12 month date basket idea

Yep... six, 6, months. That's all. Until Christmas that is. And actually, that sounds like a far way off. But I think we know all too well that it will creep up on us all I was sent this link though and thought... what a great idea! Thank you Bonnie for sending it. And now YOU get see how creative this is too!

This was created by the ever-talented and lovely Shannon Brown of Life in General
She created 12 months of dates... already pre-paid too! 
They are places or things that they have never done before. 
Seriously folks... this is SO creative! Go and check it out


  1. thanks for the link-up! Your blog is super cute. I love all the ideas you've shared and it looks like you and your husband have so much fun together. I linked to your site on my "let's go on a date" page.

  2. So creative! that is such a great idea and shannons blog is super cute!


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