Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Date idea: The Circus is in town

Did you know that the circus is in town? Even if it is not, you can still have some fun! 
I went to World Market and got some Old Fashioned Candy and drinks (thank you coupon)
up close pict:
just to get into the right mood. 

Then I pulled up the web site and turned the volume up

up close pict:
that music really can get annoying but it is circus music afterall! 
Then I gave him our tickets that I got 50% off at Gold Star.
And off the enjoy the circus! 

Alternative: If you didn't want to go to the circus, you could always create your own once everyone is in bed. And if THAT statement alone makes you blush, then don't click here. 


  1. Oh Makana, that link was hilarious. Thanks for the late night laugh! :)

  2. You could also watch water for elephants...I just watched it the other night and it is a good one!


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