Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ever played the Newly wed game? Well, lemme introduce you to the one and only CELESTIAL COMPANION GAME! (I can hear the crowd going wild!!)
I had bought this game to play at a Valentines Party I hosted. And, since I am on it, the party theme was Famous Couples. Maybe one day I will do that again. Anyhoo... Im a gettin' sidetracked. 
This game has great questions "what was the last major purchase over $100 that you made TOGETHER?" as well as some that you may not know the answer too like "favorite scripture?"
But I really like that it is super clean and it could be modified to play for a family night if you had a big enough family with enough older kids. So, do you want it? Because I want to give it away for free. Yeah, I'm just nice like that. And because YOU helped be be one of the top blogs! Thank you Thank you

1-leave a comment with YOUR FAVORITE GAME to play TOGETHER
2-Follow me (its on the side. If you already follow, just leave a comment telling me)
3-Blog about this little love blog and leave me the link.
so there you have it. 3 chances to enter. Now that is pretty awesome of me.
---please leave a separate comment for each entry. Giveaway ends on Saturday 7/23


  1. We LOVE Setters of catan. Because I win a lot! :)
    I follow you!
    And I blogged about your little blog with your giveaway!

  2. I'm new to texas is for lovers but I'm now an active can even check my blog to be sure. Plus I just blogged about your blog and your giveaway. Oh and before I forget our favorite game is Boxers or Briefs. It's like Apples to Apples but even funnier!

  3. When we play, we usually like to play apples to apples. :). I think this game would be just right for us, because right now Brad doesn't really like playing games without friends. :).

    By the way, I follow your blog!

  4. Our favorite game to play together is Farkle! (It's dice game)

  5. We have few games we like: Ticket to Ride and Pirate's Cove

  6. My hubby & I love to play Monopoly Deal!


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