Thursday, July 21, 2011

What language do you speak?

I speak gifts. Hubbs speaks quality time.
So here is my question, which one are you?
If you don't know what I am talking about about, I am referring to the 5 Love Languages. Otherwise known as the best thing ever invented. I cannot say enough about this book and the other ones in the series. (not sure if series is the right word but I'm going with it)
I am tellin' ya. Even if you have taken the assessment it but it has been a while, it merits taking it once more.
So go ahead, take it and come back and share what language you speak. And... you can even enter over here for an autographed book.

This is just one of the short posts I am receive each day. I am often jumping to conclusions... and leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Ever notice how we interpret things differently? A husband walks in and sees the sink filled with dirty dishes. He reads a note on the table: “Darling, I am attending a program at church. May be late. Love you.” He may say to himself “Lazy woman, she’s taking advantage of me – expecting me to wash the dishes.” And he walks out of the room.
Another husband might say, “She must have had a busy day. The least I can do is to wash the dishes.” And he rolls up his sleeves. The difference, is interpretation. Love ‘thinks the best’ and always looks for an opportunity to serve. The first husband was self-centered. The second was a lover. Lovers, always have better marriages.

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  1. Mine would say "Baby, let's relax and wash them togehter later" I know because that is just what happened tonight. lol :)


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