Friday, July 15, 2011

reader submission: DIY Notebook Style Love

Remember sweet Sarah and her love story? Well... check out this great idea she is nice enough to share with us!

Just a thought for the day!

            From sharing my story, you must already know what a hopeless romantic I really am! If there was ever a person to be more wrapped up in the beauty of falling in love it is me for sure. I love the excitement and passion. I am a fairy tale person seeking a fairy tale life. So it should come to no surprise that one of my all time favorite movies is none other than the infamous Notebook.

I love the simplicity of it. A couple falls in love, all kinds of adversity in the middle, and then ends up together happily ever after right? Not quite, the wife suffers from dementia and can’t remember who she is, who he is, how they fell in love, or anything from their life together. How heartbreaking!!! He doesn’t quit on her though. He wrote a notebook, compiled the story of their love and he reads it to her daily hoping that she will come back to him.
            So me of course the fairy tale kind of person that I am, decided to make my own notebook with my prince charming. It is amazing how much of the sweet romantic little moments that you will forget as the years pass by. Steve and I have been married for four years and I treasure our notebook.

First pick out a notebook to use; make sure it’s not too girly or feminine or your significant other won’t be caught dead with it. You want to make sure it is good quality, because trust me you are going to use it A LOT!

Make memories together! Especially by following the date ideas that Makana posts, lol just thought I get a plug in there for her fierce blog!! 
Write it down before you forget! It is amazing how much of the little stuff you really don’t remember. Now when I say write it down, it’s important that both of you are doing the writing. It should include how you felt and all the little details that might not seem important at the time.
Read the memories! Sometimes we forget why or how we fell in love. If I’m having a bad day or we get into an argument, it is nice to be able to pull out our notebook and read our love story. I think everybody needs reminding of why they fell in love. What a great example the movie the Notebook has been to me!! 

Muah! 'Til next time!

Thank you Sarah! That is such a great idea! 

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