Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

Or happy any day really.
I got Birthday on my mind since it is my lovers birthday week.
Week. Yes. We celebrate for 7 days before.
Getting a year older is a big deal!
Anyhow, since I have been dating Pintrest, I saw this posted and thought I would pass it along.
You can read the rest of it here
Its by the Dating Divas

What was the best gift you gave to someone?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Date with Pintrest

I am really liking Pintrest. 

I didn't at first.

But I have fallen in love

It makes things easier... all in moderation though. It could be a BIG time waster. And frankly, who has time to waste? Not I!

I created a board just for my lover. You can see it here

One of the things I pinned as a reminder to do is this little guy:
Cute. Easy. 
And it is sure win you kisses and laughs. 
You can find it here

One reason why this stood out to me is that I don't eat bananas. 
Hate the things. 
Hubbs though, he loves them. 
So do I buy them. Nope. 
Until now!!!

QUESTION: Do you use pintrest? Thoughts? Time waster or time saver?