Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Date with Pintrest

I am really liking Pintrest. 

I didn't at first.

But I have fallen in love

It makes things easier... all in moderation though. It could be a BIG time waster. And frankly, who has time to waste? Not I!

I created a board just for my lover. You can see it here

One of the things I pinned as a reminder to do is this little guy:
Cute. Easy. 
And it is sure win you kisses and laughs. 
You can find it here

One reason why this stood out to me is that I don't eat bananas. 
Hate the things. 
Hubbs though, he loves them. 
So do I buy them. Nope. 
Until now!!!

QUESTION: Do you use pintrest? Thoughts? Time waster or time saver?


  1. Both. Sometimes it can just sweep you away without you even knowing it. Yikes. BUt i love the banana's cute!

  2. All I've been hearing about is Pinterest. I just got an invite but haven't signed up yet. I'll have to let you know if it's a saver or waster!

  3. I agree with Shelby - sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it consumes my life

  4. such a cute idea! too bad i am always the one to eat up all the bananas in our house. i guess it would be strange to write notes to myself...


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