Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go BYU treat

Football season has begun and that means... GO COUGS! 
We are big BYU fans over at our place. (read: the hubbs is, and I just support him in his football watching) I saw these tictac's at Target and just KNEW it would be the perfect thing to kick off the season. 
It took less than 2 minutes (obviously) 
You probably have an idea for a cute printable and feel free to copy/alter/modify etc... 


  1. Fantastic! Who knew Tic Tacs could look so pretty (and spirited!)?!

  2. You and I are the same when it comes to supporting our hubbies in their football watching. My hubs is a HUGE Florida State fan (so huge, that you'd think he attended FSU...but he didn't)! I wonder if they sell garnet and gold tic tacs? I'll have to keep an eye out...


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