Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yes, I am talking to Y-O-U!

Goodbye Jan 2012. 
Also known as the LONGEST month of my life. Seriously. It sorta dragged on for me. 
Good thing Feb is gonna be here in less than 12 hours. 
And here is where you come in. Yes you, my followers, stalkers, lurkers etc, 
Email me by Feb 5th with your BEST date or love or fun idea you got. 
Feel free to include a picture as well. 

Feb is the month of love and in the spirit of love, I want to feature Y-O-U! 
So, send it in to texasisforlovers2@gmail.com
This will give you something to do during the Superbowl. lol! 


  1. I don't have time to pull pictures now, but you can probably find it on my blog. Some of my favorite dates that we've done are a segway tour, walking tours, wine bars, outdoor musical at Miller Outdoor theater, a adventure flight/tour over houston, visiting wineries in the hill country. We spent the night at the Woodlands resort & played in the pool/water park. Taking the puppies to the dog park counts in my book & I always appreciate with DH goes with me. We've taken cooking classes before & had a blast through LLU.

  2. Totally blew the deadline (I would), but I'm wondering if you still want date submissions?

  3. YES! Please send in any ideas you have. I would love to feature them.

  4. Such great ideas! Thank you for sharing them. We love the Miller Outdoor Theater as well.


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